Camper van travel in New Zealand is a very popular and well-known form of holiday transport available to tourists. A few common and helpful questions about camper van hire are noted below.

Where Do I Rent a New Zealand Camper Van From?

Because our country is such an ideal setting for traveling by camper van you may be overwhelmed by the amount of rental vehicle companies that are available. Each offering various deals and holiday services such as itinerary mapping and drop off & pick up services. You want to have an unforgettable time in New Zealand so it is worth spending the time researching and comparing companies, that way you can be reassured you have chosen wisely.

If searching online, read reviews and testimonials on company websites to help see how other travelers rated their services. Alternatively ask family and friends who have hired a camper what they found helpful and useful so that you know what to ask and look for in a vehicle, such as living area compartments, setup of bedding, utilities on-board and if manual or automatic transmission sounds most suitable.

When Should I arrange My Motor Home Holiday in New Zealand?

No matter what time of year you decide to venture around New Zealand you can expect glorious scenic routes and landscapes. Summer camping holidays are very prevalent in New Zealand; therefore expect roads to be reasonably busy, campsite grounds to be full and rental companies to be fully booked. Planning and booking a motor home in advance is certainly recommended, most companies have an availability calendar on their websites noticiasdehoy.co which you can use. If you decide to travel in winter be sure to hire a vehicle suitable to the conditions such as one that has ABS braking and be very mindful of ice and snow laden roads especially if traveling around the South Island.

Where Should I Go on My New Zealand Motor Home Vacation?

There is so much to do and see in New Zealand with our coastal attractions, alpine wonders and National Park adventures, that it is certainly a good idea to look up tourism websites for particular regions you plan to visit, or buy local tourist guide books to find out what activities and attractions are available. Ensure you have a well detailed road map book or GPS system during your travels. Tourists can expect well sign posted roads but we definitely recommend having access to a road map as well. Most professional vehicle hire companies will be able to provide these for you or have copies available that you can buy.

Experience the freedom that a New Zealand vacation can offer, touring our remarkable country at your own pace. Hire your New Zealand camper van today with the information above in mind to ensure you have an unforgettable Holiday.